Planter Combo: Spring Orange & Wine

I absolutely love this planter design by Lucy Pelletier of Perrin and Rose garden design. Pairing the ‘Princes Irene’ tulips with the wine-coloured pansies and the traditional variegated ivy works remarkably well, especially with the addition of the red twigs. Instead of pairing the orange tulip with contrasting blues or more in the orange colour range, the choice of the deeply coloured pansies harmonizes with the maroon stripe of the tulip and really makes the bright orange pop out.


  1. question — once the tulips stop blooming what do you do? Replace them with a different plant? what about the bulbs?

    1. Yep, Anna, you swap them out for something different. Then you have the option to plant the bulbs somewhere in the garden – somewhere you can let the foliage ripen (turn yellow and die) to feed the bulbs for next year. They might not come back, but you have nothing to lose by trying. I've had best luck with hyacinths in this technique, but the tulips you grow in containers have a better chance of reblooming than the ones you buy for indoors – more direct sunlight on the foliage.

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