Seedy Saturday at the Evergreen Brickworks

Yes, spring is really starting up, even though with the windchill and the snow makes it hard to believe.

Here’s proof, Seedy Saturdays are starting up all over the city, starting with Seedy Saturday and Sunday at the Evergreen Brick Works.
Kick-off your gardening season and celebrate spring with a community seed exchange and CSA Fair!

If you haven’t been to a Seedy Saturday, its an opportunity to buy, sell and trade local heritage and heirloom seeds including vegetables, herbs, flowers and native species. Enjoy fun children’s activities and local produce, and take part in workshops on starting and caring for your garden and saving/harvesting your own seeds!

Plus, there’s Seedy Sunday! Learn about and celebrate Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) with the launch of the CSA Fair! A place where you can learn everything you need to know about CSAs, and how you can support our local food economy and savour delicious seasonal foods.

Visit us online for the full weekend schedule [Update: in 2016, this link is no longer active]

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