Treated myself to a tulip (photo) safari

Corner store tulips, taken with Camera+ app – cropped as Golden Rectangle; Miniaturize filter applied.

What could be an easier than treating myself to an afternoon walk down the Danforth, looking at corner-store tulips through the eye of my iPhone? Then taking a few self-indulgent minutes with neat camera apps, making pretty pictures – prettier? You be the judge. They were fun to make.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

White tulips: Edited in Camera+ with Clarity tool and Depth of Field filter; White Grit frame.
Same shot, using the Waterlogue app to turn it into a digital water colour; Travelogue filter at Darker setting.
Buckets of tulips: edited in Camera+ using Clarity tool and Cross Process Filter.
Same shot: using Waterlogue’s Fashionable filter at Darker setting.
Can you see the heart? Waterlogue’s Bold filter, set Darker.



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