Colour lives at the Allan Gardens Spring Show 2014

In the midst of another snow storm, here are a few shots from my trip to the Allan Gardens Spring Show last Saturday – shot in the midst of another snow storm. The Spring Show isn’t the cornucopia of bloom that the Easter Show will be. Still. Any port in a storm. While, outside, Allan Gardens goes monochrome, enjoy that thing called “colour.”

A yellllllllllllllllllllllow sandwich, on whole-grain orange and pink. (Before you ask, those are marble peppers.)
Pink, pink, PIIIIIIIINNNNNNNKKKKKK! The cyclamens almost broke the camera.
Even outside, there’s this red-headed hedge. Thank you, dogwood, for the reminder.
The white mat of snow makes the hoardings around the water-main repair in the park look particularly brilliant
The mural – titled All My Relations – tells a history of native Canadians. Read more about it here. [Update: in 2016, this link is no longer active]


  1. Hello Helen !
    I love the architecture of those buildings and the mono chrome look to it all with that photograph was gorgeous.
    Yes .. we are all going to need a BIG break from all of this WHITE pretty soon … another storm is kicking in and more snow falling .. I am going to go bonkers or make another plant order … hum ? .. maybe I should do both ? LOL
    Love the fabulous colour from the mural !
    Joy : )

    1. Nice to see you, Joy! Yesterday's snow added to the piles, but we'll keep muttering the magic word "spring" and it will eventually disappear.

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