Paper vines usher out Emerald as color of the year

“Call her green and the winters cannot fade her…” ~ Joni Mitchell, Little Green

Green was the theme for the New Year’s Eve bash thrown at our place by our Number One Dot before she takes off next week for London, England. Although the dishes have long since been washed, the leftovers eaten and empties returned, I’m reluctant to part with the vines NOD created for her green theme, inspired by 2013’s Color of the Year, Emerald. Check out 2014’s color here.

As we’ve been having a little, um, weather over the past few weeks of 2013/2014, I’m finding these unsinkable greens to be sustaining. I also admire NOD’s fine, freehand foliage. Hope you do, too.

Love the tropical Monstera leaves and hole-punched polkadots. If I get to keep them, I’ll be trying an art project with them.
Duck as you walk through the archway. Now all we need are a few screaming monkeys. Some warmth would be nice, too.



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