Love-Hate: Concrete squirrels

I keep telling my friend D that she can give these to me

We’ve had a word or two or even three to say about squirrels on this blog. Yet, for a gardener who wages a constant (non-violent) war on squirrels, I must confess to having a perverse squirrelophilia. For example, I always claim the wine glass charm in the shape of a pewter squirrel. Always. And, for a while now, I’ve coveted my neighbour’s vintage concrete squirrels.

Perhaps it’s superstition; icons to protect my tulips from the vengeful squirrel gods? Whatever it is, my friend D hasn’t been convinced to release them to my care.

What about you – do you share my love-hate relationship with these, or any other, garden pests?


  1. Love to see squirrels. Always get excited if one runs across my path or cavorts in a tree – as if they are rare creatures and I haven't seen hundreds before. However, they never come into our garden. We have nothing to tempt them. If they were always visiting and eating and destroying things I might feel different.

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