Living willow arches

One of a series of willow arches around the kitchen garden of Domaine Cataraqui, Québec

A couple of years ago, we wrote about living willow fences. You can build just about anything out of willow – it’s a tree with a great determination to grow! This summer on a visit to Québec City, these willow structures caught our eye, from a simple living archway to a terrestrial willow “tree house”.

Have you ever built anything for your garden out of willow whips, witheys or withes? (Bonus Scrabble or crossword puzzle answers for you there.) Any tips or suggestions?

Shaded seating beneath the willows in the centre of the Domaine Cataraqui kitchen garden
A large archway on the rooftop kitchen garden of Maison Lauberivière, Québec City’s largest homeless shelter.
And a smaller one – a do-able project for a small space.



  1. I've been asked to create a "fedge" with willow whips but couldn't source the material, although, I suppose, I could just throw some cuttings in water as they root so easily.

    1. Paul, if you click through to our earlier article on living willow fences, you'll find some links to possible sources of material. I'll drop by your blog and tell you there, too.

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