A houseplant planter for outdoors

Simple but effective planter combo: Monstera deliciosa and this chartreuse coleus, Solenostemon ‘Wasabi’

Treating this one as an almost-wordless Wednesday, because it’s hard to type with a dislocated finger. Isn’t this planter great? Simple drama, with the tropical plant and fancy-leaf coleus – like giving your houseplant a summer romance. Love it with the blue chairs, too.


  1. Perhaps only in a sheltered spot, otherwise I’d be worried that the wind would whip the leaves around and tear them. Had this happen with a banana tree once.

    1. This garden is pretty sheltered, with fencing and trees on three sides and the house on the other – more of a courtyard, really.

      But you make a good point. Wind damage or, in my experience, sun damage can set vacationing houseplants back. We should baby them a bit, including gradually increasing light levels especially when they first come out for the summer.

      (Of course, we should also check them for hitchhikers before they come back indoors – and expect them to sulk and lose leaves as they reacclimatize to the indoor environment.)

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