Street planters before the Fall fall

Two bright red begonias – B. ‘Dragon Wing’ on top and B. boliviensis ‘Bonfire’ at bottom – with golden Ipomeoa ‘Marguerite’

Isn’t it just the way that the street planters are at their best just before a cold snap makes them collapse like a failed soufflé. Give them a nod as you pass, and say, “Good job, street planter! Thanks for making our stretch of sidewalk a little less dismal.” These aren’t the finest, or the most creative. They’re just good, solid street planters that made me pause, think and quickly snap my iPhone. Enjoy.

Pink ‘Dragon Wing’ begonias with chartreuse sweet potato vine look pretty sharp, too.
I’m guessing that these are ‘Purple Wave’ petunias or one of their offspring. Ivy-leaf geraniums are among the more drought-tolerant of Pelargonium, and these single-flower forms tend to be self-cleaning, so a bit less messy after the flowers fade.
Great combo of striped Canna with a green-trimmed burgundy coleus (Solenostemon). They’re much less purple in real life.


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