Idea File: Do the unexpected

Swordless swordfish takes a dive

I’ve been dying to use this picture ever since some enchanted afternoon in 2011, when I saw this bright blue swordfish across a crowded room – garden room, that is, during the Gardens of the Beach garden tour.

Now most people browsing a vintage shop would look at a swordfish minus its sword and think: Aw, gee, it’s broken.

But some smart cookie thought: Hmmm, I can see him diving into a washtub pool!

And how wonderful he looks doing that, doesn’t he?

In this week’s Idea File, we look at a few vintage finds that someone has simply looked at differently and done the unexpected. Next time you come across an object, old or new, turn it around in your head a few times and try to see all the possibilities.

By the way, isn’t this a great use for bamboo blinds?

I’m always impressed by the off the wall thinking on IKEA Hackers and Recyclart. And for crafty garden how-tos, visit Melissa, The Empress of Dirt.  Now get out there and turn the world upside down! You can.

Yo ho ho and a trunk full of sea-creaturey succulents
No need to shout. The collection of plates behind the veil of Virginia creeper has an air of mystery.
Table mushrooms make unexpected containers for a collection of succulents.


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