Blooms Day, April 2013 in Toronto

Having survived late dumps of snow and ice pellets, the spring planters are growing a great crop of Optimism

It’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – or it was yesterday – when every 15th of every month, Carol of May Dreams Gardens invites gardeners around the world to show what’s growing their way.

If you were to pass by my garden right now, you might think that not much is growing at all. The late spring of 2013 has us weeks behind last year, and generally behind whatever “normal” is right now.

But, on closer inspection, you might be surprised at what’s there. Here a few things – maybe they’re growing in your garden, too. Have a wander and wonder.

With nodding flowers and a great swath of freckles, my unknown Ashwood hybrid Helleborus is growing with Jubilation.
I see Teamwork and Continuity in this clump of snowdrops (Galanthus), striped squill (Pushkinia) and Hyacinthus
Already leafy and luscious, Heuchera ‘Caramel’ is clearly pumped up with Enthusiam
Peeping out from around the stones, Ranunculus ‘Brazen Hussy’ lives up to her name, showing pure Tenacity
Making whoopee with an early-to-rise bee, the Crocuses spread a little home-grown Love.

What’s growing on in your garden? We’d love to hear. Or head to May Dreams to see, show and tell.


    1. And I, in turn, am in awe of your industry in the vegetable garden. Plus your composter. I've been trying to inspire Mr. TG to make me a 3-bin composter for some time. I couldn't find a way to comment on your blog, or I'd have left a note there.

  1. Looks so bright and colourful Helen! I need some of your planters! The ice storm certainly did a number at our place near Elora. Yet, the rhubarb is making a show already and the anemone blanda and hellebores are cheerful. I didn't include heucheras yet, maybe next month! Your Caramel is lovely though.
    Thank you for sharing. Always good to know what is happening close to home in Toronto.

    1. My Anemone blanda hasn't/haven't even made an/their appearance yet – so much for Toronto's urban heat sink. Still waiting for the big show of bulbs. Will be planting more this fall, that's for sure.

  2. Helen, I recognize the plants you pictured: they all fall in the category of "I can't grow that." That tends to be my frequent lament at Garden Bloggers' Flings! I could grow the Fringe Tree pictured in the previous post but I have no room for it, dang it. Gosh, they're gorgeous when in bloom, though.

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