Ahoy, snowdrops emerge from the snow!

Sarah’s garden won the Snowdrop Derby in 2013

It’s a tradition at Toronto Gardens to mark the arrival of the first snowdrops. Despite the recent dump of snow and slush, these welcome babies arrived on Sarah’s south-ish facing slope just yesterday, if not before. Snowdrops in February? Priceless. Time to note where to plant more, more, more!

Is anything blooming in your Toronto Garden? Make us happy and tell us about it.


  1. Yaay! I first spied these 2 days ago and was "frilled". Wanted to knock on your door to tell you they were up but had jumpy dog with me.

    1. The 26th of February. That's early, Sarah. Before I rearranged my garden, I had one lonely snowdrop in the back corner that would show up as early as January! But I haven't seen her for a few years (she is a she, right?) and her spot is currently buried in the snow. Hoping to see all their happy faces soon.

  2. 20 Elgin Avenue (just west of Avenue Rd) has an absolutely stunning display of snowdrops in their front yard.

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