The Hobbit House of Preston Hollow, Dallas

The drawbridge entrance to a very special garden in Preston Hollow, Dallas TX

Now that The Hobbit movie has arrived in theatres, have a peep at this hobbity garden we visited with the 2010 Garden Writers Symposium. I won’t give you much commentary, other than to say that the garden and buildings were designed from the ground up to be hobbit-friendly, and natural in both appearance and horticultural care. After you look at the pix, zip over to this article in the Dallas Morning News for more background.

The guest cottage. Special hinges had to be custom-designed for that round door. Gandalf’s noggin is the knocker.
A sign in the vestibule of the main house warns you what to expect.
The owner collects faux bois pieces – here, as an inventive fountain.

As an aside here, if you’re interested in the art of faux bois, you might want to explore the website Faux Bois in Concrete. I don’t know if the faux bois artist Ronald R. Tucker of San Antonio provided any of these pieces, but his work is pretty outstanding. Apparently, Martha Stewart is a collector.

Faux bois seating for a second breakfast with Bilbo and friends.
A secret entrance for special friends. Like you.

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