Anything worth doing is worth doing badly

Broken rose arbor: Before

Our rose arbor suffered a collapse this summer due to old age and some of 2012’s big winds. (It’s one of the memories emerging as I sort through thousands of retrieved images after a major data loss.)

What would we do? All our energies and budget were being sucked up by our front yard reno. But we couldn’t just leave it there like the hedge of thorns around the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Enter my father’s adage: Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.

Rather than wait for the perfect solution, we went for an imperfect but do-able one now. A good thing for a gardener to remember.

It ain’t pretty, but it got the job done. Perhaps we’ll swap the white ties for black next summer. Perhaps. Still looking for the perfect arbor. Meanwhile, my sister Sarah’s cat Willow, who has the impression she lives at our house, adds a touch of class.


  1. Your dad's saying reminds me of another: don't let perfect get in the way of good and your rebar and plastic ties solution is perfectly good!

  2. Haha! We had the exact same thing happen to the jasmine arbor that frames a view of our front garden. And our solution was the same, though we used lots of brown twine to hold the arbor to the rebar. The arbor is old and rusted, so will need replacing, but as your say, the temporary fix is working fine for now.

  3. Helen girl at least you did something ! LOL .. That is a massive thorn monster if ever I have seen one .. scary !
    I have this arbor bench dream still like a new born baby with some roses and still other roses waiting on order to come and cover it's bones .. fingers crossed the picture in my head will come true with reality but you know what reality usually does right ? bites !! haha
    Joy : )

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