Christmas containers for Wordless Wednesday

Ingredients: Paper birch poles, staghorn sumach, rosehips, magnolia leaves, silvery eucalyptus (okay, okay, these last two aren’t local), variegated boxwood, noble fir, white pine, and, although you can’t see them here, red-budded pussy willow. Also not visible are the purple chard and Swiss chard from this summer, still producing around the edges.
In this one, a couple of sugar pine cones on sticks, and cascades of cedar, with a few incense cedar accents. The taller planter behind contains three ‘White Feather’ ornamental cabbages, edged in cedar boughs.
A smaller version of the first planter – with my huge, $3 Canadian Tire Christmas bauble cum gazing ball.


Here they are, distracting you away from the air conditioner!


  1. Helen girl this is so PRETTY !! I just bought the ready made insert and stuck some extra points of interest in it .. my wreath is still on the freezer for heaven sake! We are bare naked with no snow right now .. but stormy weather is supposed to be on its way .. BIG sigh ! LOL
    Joy : )
    Merry Christmas and a VERY Happy New Year girl !

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