Quick garden fix: Rearrange the furniture

Between the busy-ness of summer holidays and back to school, September’s garden can  be messy. That’s so in my back garden, where morning glories typically take over by September. This year, they are true to type.

Because our front yard Grand Simplification project consumed us this summer, the Microgarden in the back is now channelling Aretha Franklin: N.E.G.L.E.C.T., just a little bit…

Painting that obelisk purple this spring was one of the few things we did in the back. It was a cheap garden reno – painted to match our lilacs and alliums – that contributed an immediate and lasting pop of colour.

So, when I saw this cascade of morning glories, I thought: A-ha!

I rearranged the furniture. The obelisk went from one side of the garden to the other, and now creates a focal point that distracts attention from the overgrown jungle that is the main body of my tiny garden.

Do you have something you could move?


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