Be chicken: Support Crackdown!

Helen Chicken says: Pssst! Wanna support a movie (and a movement)?

If you wanted to keep chickens in the city of Toronto, you’d be walking on eggshells (can’t help myself, sorry). It’s illegal.

Jan Keck is trying to change that – by making us laugh. The documentary film maker and his Red Gecko Productions hopes to hatch just under $5,000 over the next seven days via Indiegogo to fund CRACKDOWN!, a short, satirical doc about this shocking criminal practice. I hope you’ll scoot over there and become a supporter. I did.

Two years ago, I wrote an ode to our chicken-keeping parents, and to all today’s small-scale, urban chicken farmers. I’ve signed the petition on Toronto Chickens. And now I’m a card-carrying (heck, I would be if they had a card) Crackdown! supporter.

Wish I had 600 bucks for a chicken photo session. But I’ll have to be satisfied that one of the phasianine stars is (coincidentally) named Helen. And a great-looking chick she is, too.

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