Beach Garden Society Plant Sale

Get started on your beautiful garden. Local plant societies are beginning their plant sales for 2012.

Toronto Gardeners in the east end won’t want to miss the upcoming 2012 Beach Garden Society plant sale. The sale is tailor-made for city gardens, with personally chosen Beach Babies (see below), hand-selected Connoisseur Collection plants and great bargains on member-grown perennial plants.

Map: How to get to the Beach Garden Society

Location: Adam Beck Community Centre,
77 Lawlor Ave.
(N of Kingston Rd., W of Victoria Park Ave.)
[UPDATE: DATE! Saturday, May 19]
Time: 9 am – 11:30 am (or sooner, if all the plants are gone!)

Special features:

Try these beautiful combinations, perfect for Beach gardens.

Try these: Dianthus gratiopolitanus     ‘Bath’s Pink’
Agastache foeniculum
Lavandula ‘Munstead’
Monarda didyma      ‘Raspberry Wine’

To pair with:  Cheddar Pinks •  Anise Hyssop • Lavender • Bee Balm

Try these: Ligularia dentata     ‘Midnight Lady’
Hosta ‘August Moon’
Astilbe arendsii     ‘Bridal Veil’
Luzula nivea

To pair with: Dame’s Rocket •  Hosta  • False Spirea •  Snowy Woodrush

Carex elata      ‘Bowles Golden’
Epimedium youngianum     ‘Niveum’
Heuchera americana      ‘Dale’s Strain’
Polystichum acrostichoides

To pair with: Golden Sedge Grass •  Barrenwort • Coral Bells • Christmas Fern


  1. Ha! More likely those Battersby sisters just wanted to keep all the great plants for themselves!

    1. I wish, Anonymous! I can't even be there for the sale this year. 🙁 And it's the same weekend as other great plant sales in the city, including the Toronto Botanical Garden's. Happy shopping, everyone.

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