Garden Daytrip: The Niagara Falls of daffodils

In Queen Victoria Park, countless people stop for the ultimate portrait, surrounded by 500,000 daffodils

Did you know that Niagara Falls, Ontario, is the Daffodil Capital of North America? I didn’t, till I found myself looking for things to do when heading there on business last week. And there it was – 500,000 reasons to bring my camera. LIke the gal above photographing her friend (you might just make out the top of her head), I wasn’t the only one.

It’s hard to anticipate what half a million naturalized daffodils will look like, but let me tell you: it’s impressive. And they were all at the peak of bloom when I arrived – a veritable Niagara Falls of daffodils, cascading down the edge of Queen Victoria Park. Mark your calendars for this next year! No, really.

Daffodils stretch for a look at the Horseshoe Falls
They light up an island across from the American side
They create a gold and white backdrop for the Niagara Parks’ formal plantings
Peep up along the edge of the Niagara River
They catch the sunlight beneath the trees
Dog’s-tooth violet (Erythronium) and English daisies bloom in the gaps
Even historic quarters of Niagara Falls, such as the 1936 Oakes Garden Theatre, enjoy a splash of daffs. It’s possible to be amazed in Niagara Falls without ever setting foot on Clifton Hill. Believe it or not.



  1. I've never seen the Falls. I suppose I should plan a trip for late spring to make it doubly worth while. I do plan to head east eventually 🙂

  2. Your photos are absolutely magnificent. Everyday I work at taking better pictures of flowers and their environment. Just stunning.

    Tulips are finished in Baltimore. Waiting on the full bloom of roses.

  3. Wonderful to see these gorgeous land and water scopes from this perspective! I have guests visiting from Toronto right now . . . thought of you. Belated Happy Spring!

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