TTC Garden Tour, Part 1: Victoria Park Station

Along with the site improvements for Victoria Park Station, an art installation by Aniko Meszaros

Garden stories are everywhere, even underground on The Better Way. Victoria Park Station is the first stop in an occasional series I’m calling the TTC Garden Tour.

New artwork was part of the plan for the recently improved station infrastructure. Gone are the windy bus barns, and the station entrance is now bright with glazing.

Inside, artist Aniko Meszaros was commissioned to create a work with the theme of roots. The wording reads: Toronto, a city where those with diverse roots can grow and intermingle into a complex and exciting multicultural garden.

The circles on the left are described as root patterns. The words say “community” and “roots” in some of Toronto’s 75+ languages.

The surprising thing to me is that these are the symbols landscape architects and designers use to indicate trees and shrubs on a design plan. Who would know – or know they’re meant to be roots? Well now you do.


  1. If you touch the "roots" they will change colour, in response to the humanity of your contact.

    (it's done with a special treatment of the tiles)

  2. The Welcome wall mural in the entryway of the station is also meant to represent tree rings. it was designed by Aniko and fabricated by Mosaic Beach Studio in Toronto.

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