Lust List: Seeing Trees (Contest, too)

This Lust List item isn’t a plant (which, for me, is usually a tree) – it’s a book. About trees. I’ve lusted for it ever since seeing the teasers.

Last weekend at the Garden Writers Symposium in Indianapolis I held it briefly in my hot little hands, and let me tell you: Seeing Trees from Timber Press is beautiful from cover to cover. The close-up photos by Robert Llewellyn are magical, even in the imperfection of the leaves. They’re just as luminous as the cover shot at left.

The good news is that you have a chance to win a signed copy of this gorgeous hardcover, as well as a print from the book, through the link above. The random draw is open to Canadians – hooray – as well as U.S. residents. Just provide your email address. You can opt out of the Timber Press newsletter. Contest closes September 9th, so scoot over there. Winner will have my undying envy.


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