Speaking of precipitation: Cheap rain barrels

And by “cheap,” I mean “a really, really good bargain.” The Toronto Master Gardeners has teamed with the Toronto Botanical Garden to sell these rain barrels with a neat history.

They’re former food product containers that once travelled the world holding things like olive oil. Now, thanks to a Canadian company, they’re fully rigged up with all the fittings to serve a new life harvesting rainwater. And just $55.

That’s a great price for you, a great little workhorse for your garden, and a great fund-raiser for the green, growing, good works of the TMGs and TBG.

If you don’t like the lovely terracotta version shown here, they also come in grey or black. Each is a 220 litre/55 US gallon barrel that includes filter basket, spigot, nipple, over-flow adaptor and 4 feet of overflow hose.

Order yours directly through this link [Update: in 2016, this link is no longer active] (to benefit the groups) and it will be ready for pick-up from the parking lot of the Toronto Botanical Garden on Saturday, April 23rd. Do it now, while precipitation is top of mind.


  1. That looks like a great deal. If I lived closer I'd order several. Doesn't look like they ship across town…let alone out of the country;-) I've been planning to purchase one (maybe from Fiskars) before the next growing season.

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