A time to reap, a time to sow

Before the end of July 2010, we’ve harvested radishes, many bouquets of frilly lettuce, a kilo or more of bush beans, and nearly that in tomatoes, with more to come. Not to mention the flowers. Aren’t they all pretty? The contrast between this year’s and last year’s tomato harvest alone from our community garden is profound.

But, as we proved by our late garden acquisition (mid-July) last year, it isn’t too late to plant seeds, either. Mid-October is the average date of the first frost in the Toronto area; maybe a bit later close to the lake and a bit earlier north of Hwy 401. That still gives us about 60 days, and with luck a few more, before tender crops risk being felled by frosty temperatures. Some crops, such as chard or cabbage, can stand a touch of frost.

So hurry hurry hurry. Get ’em into the ground: Radishes, lettuce, spinach, short-season bush beans, short-season peas, and other veggies should bear fruit in Toronto. Here’s a useful late-season planting guide from the University of Minnesota. Lots of the same information applies.


  1. Hey, Stefani, You NorCal gal, lovely to see you, but who are you kidding with that frigid North stuff? *This* summer? More like: check the fridge for something cool. But your own harvest, and what you do with it, is pretty impressive.

  2. Helen, This is a stunning photograph… I love the composition and colors!! Great inspiration too… if only I did not have a clan of rabbits eating everything I plant! Still there must be somethings they do not like. ;>)

  3. It's nice to look back and see how every year has progressed. My blog has made that so much easier. I'll be doing a then & now post this week too. Last year was my first year growing vegetables, so a lot has changed! Congrats on your fabulous harvests! With more to come!

  4. What a gorgeously vivid photo! It fires off all sorts of pleasure centers in my brain when I look at it πŸ™‚

  5. I planted more lettuce just the other day – and I'm a bit late for our area, but I have hopes! I have zinnias and the beans have finally started – and things should perk up with today's rain. At least there is a brief respite from the heat.

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