Through the Garden Gate: Day One

Today was the first day of the Through the Garden Gate 2010 garden tour in the Beach.

Despite having walked 21K in the heat this morning, I couldn’t not try to catch some of the gardens with my darling sister Sarah – although, afterwards I did feel as if all the bones had been removed from my body.

Here are some photo highlights. One more day of the event tomorrow, and tickets are, I believe, still available. Even the saintly Mr. TG has agreed to spend part of Father’s Day touring gardens with me. Perhaps I’ll see you there?

Above, see what miracles can be worked by dedicated gardeners in just two years – starting with an amazing ravine property but basically a blank slate. They did all the work themselves.


  1. Great slideshow! I love the super cool birdbath, pouting statue and the 'bullet' shaped rain cistern (at least that's what I think it is)? Thanks for posting these great pics!

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