So much for my cool weather crops

Our little 0.0018 acre looks a whole lot neater than it did last year. If you were reading Toronto Gardens then, you might recall our very late start in July 2009 as brand new plot owners at the East York Community Garden.

Earlier this year, I described how Mr. TG created raised beds using cedar planks. Since then, we’ve marked out our 4×8 plots for Square Foot Gardening. It’s our first time trying this.

Some of those squares have been planted with cool season crops such as lettuce, peas and spinach. We also planted sets of shallots. This heat spell is probably going to stress the cold-lovers out, however. If that’s the case now, we’ll have another chance to try them after midsummer.

Soon, perhaps tomorrow if the rain comes as promised, the tomatoes, beans, carrots and other warm-weather fans will go into the ground. We’ll be spacing our sowings of seeds at one- or two-week intervals, for a more continuous harvest in smaller batches. That’s the theory, in any case. Stay tuned to see how that works in practice.


  1. I look forward to seeing how this turns out for you. I'm thinking of doing a square foot garden myself next year.

  2. I'm a huge advocate of square foot gardening; it was a revelation to me when I first read that book. Unfortunately my own squares are nowhere so neat as yours. It kind of turns into a "cram the plants in" garden.

    I so envy you the British heritage of the allotment system. It's already in place; we benighted folk in the US have to re-invent them laboriously.

    Look forward to seeing the progress.

  3. Good luck with your little plot! I'm trying really hard to get more excited about growing veggies. We haven't planted any yet, but the strawberries from last year are making good use of the garden space, having sent out runners everywhere.

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