Almost Wordless Wednesday: Texture

You can add texture to your garden in many ways. Here, we have a tulip with fringed petals, one of the many forms (or textures) available in hybrid tulips today.

Imagine having two tulip varieties blooming together in the same colour, but with different textures – simple but dramatic.

Or try contrast. I don’t know the name of my red tulip (it was labelled “red fringed tulip”), but it’s a mid-to-late bloomer alongside the elegant, lily-flowered Tulipa ‘White Triumphator’. Red and white. How Canadian.


  1. Love the red tulip picture. It is like an abstract painting. Also, love the orange tulips. I hadn't thought of using orange, but I am now thinking of giving orange and hot pink a try next year.

  2. I'm really coming around to fringed tulips. Some of the colour/texture combo's I've seen recently are simply stunning!

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