Reeves nursery on Danforth [Updated after closure of nursery]

[UPDATE, June 25, 2011 and Nov. 29, 2011: Sadly Reeves has gone, both from the Danforth and from the original Reeves Woodbridge home, due to financial difficulties. It’s too bad, because the east end could use another convenient garden centre that stocks unusual trees and shrubs. We would have wished them better parking, and we’ll miss their excellent range of tree stock. Good luck to all the people of Reeves, wherever you ended up. We wish you better success elsewhere.] For alternatives, check our post on Toronto Independent Garden Centres

Note: Text below is from April 2010:
Toronto’s east end now has the choice of another plant nursery. The new outlet of Reeves Garden Centre of Woodbridge opened yesterday, April 15th, beside the Madina Mosque on Danforth Avenue at Donlands. Staff were still stocking the shelves when I visited, but assured me that the place will be packed wall to wall with goods by this weekend. (Reeves hasn’t updated their main website yet, but the link gives an idea of what they offer.)

On my visit, the plant selection was mostly pansies, cool season vegetables and herbs, plus some trees. But the plants are well grown and the prices look competitive.

I took home a healthy, nice sized pot of ‘Blue Spire’ rosemary for the opening special price of $4.99, down from $9.99. Standard-form lavender was reduced to $8.49 from over $16. I could see them as the centrepiece for a container, but had to bite my wallet.

A number of  ‘Bloodgood’ Japanese maples were priced at $79.99 – at a size that would give an instant look of maturity to any garden. They told me that delivery for something large would be about $25, roughly the cost of a cab ride. If you know someone with a pick-up truck, even better.

Posted hours right now are seven days a week: weekdays 9 am to 7 pm; weekends 9 am to 6 pm.


  1. So sad-the Reeves Grandfather first had a wonderful attitude and business in Humber Summit. Later with son Ken it moved to Pine Grove on Islington Avenue and progressively became more about decorating and high end pricing than true gardening with the infiltration by inlaws. Since Ken passed away the empire seems to have imploded. A great losss to those of us who knew the family and business long ago.

  2. does anyone recommend another toronto nursery that has as a beautiful tree selection as reeves did?

  3. Anonymous — Yesterday, I was at Plant World on Eglinton near Royal York Road, and the tree selection there was excellent. You'll also find a good array of trees at large nurseries such as Humber Nurseries on Hwy 50 or Connon Nurseries in Waterdown and Trenton.

    I'll send this question out to the commenters. What's your favourite place to buy trees?

  4. Gone out of business!!! I got my garden landscaped last summer and some of my plants have died. There was a 1 year warranty and I was told in the fall that they would replace them in the spring. Now what??!!!??

  5. Anonymous — I don't know if the news has changed, but as far as we know there is no longer a Reeves anywhere in the Toronto area.

  6. Enza – I love Reeves, it has a wide variety of things for inside the home and outside. My home is almost filled with Reeves items. My only dissappointment with Reeves is, this is for the location in Woodbridge, they moved from there and have not opened anywhere else. I always do my christmas gift shopping from there. This will be my second Christmas season where I will have to look else where for Christmas Shopping. I miss my Reeves.
    Can any one tell me what happened to them and if they will be opening up anywhere else soon?
    Nov. 11, 2011

  7. Based on the article and any info available out there, they have closed the business and there is no indication they will be re-opening in the near future.

  8. Today my husband and I set out for Reeves as part of our Christmas ritual. I have fond memories of wheeling my mother around and hearing all the oos and ahs. We were so very surprised and disappointed to discover Reeves is no more. There goes another tradition that brought us so much joy.
    Janice Awde Brampton Ontario

  9. Reeves and Plant World were affiliated in the 60s. Plant World (Royal York and Eglinton)is owned by a branch of the same Reeves family, and are part of the same buying group – The Garden Centre Group Co-Op (which supplied much of Reeve's stock). I find their selections and plant quality is far better.

    1. Heidi-Ho, Heidi, I knew that Plant World was a Reeves family business, and wondered whether they were related. Thanks for the insight. Plant World is one of the city's better independent garden centres. Wish they were closer.

  10. Reeves on Islington was led for decades by Ken Reeves and later his kids. Plant World on Eglington was led by Frank Reeves, Ken's brother. I'm not sure who runs Plant World now.

    As a high school student, I used to work at Reeves (1975-1980)… it was a great company. I'm not sure what the business connection was but I was frequently dropping stuff off and picking stuff up at Plant World.

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