Snowdrop Alert, March 2010

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you… snowdrops! Finally.

In sooth, they made their appearance in my garden on Sunday, but I was too imprisoned by a school project to do anything about it. But even March 7th is two weeks later than last year, despite the city’s lack of snow.

Welcome snowdrops. We’re glad to see your smiling faces.


  1. Yahoooooo! Mine are still under the snow, but it's rapidly diminishing, and I'm hoping to see a few shy smiles from them soon. (the photo in my blog header is from LAST year's galanthus outburst).

  2. Hi Battersbys,

    How accurate is the colour in your picture? I think the yellow or gold markings are relatively unusual, if not rare. Have you seen the Feb issue of Gardens Illustrated? Interesting article on Galanthus.

  3. Yay!! interesting that they are later than last year. Spring is almost a month earlier over here in northern BC . But, I don't have anything yet, my garden is still under snow.

  4. Hi, everyone,

    Thanks for snowdropping by and sharing my spring-at-last celebration.

    Now, I thought these were just the common garden variety of snowdrop — Galanthus elwesii or G. nivalis.

    I can't remember where I got them, though, so perhaps they were purchased in the olden days when Cruikshank's (Toronto's former bulb specialist) was still around. If that's that's the case, they might be something fancy-pantsier.

    Don't think the colour is yellow, though – more like a yellowy green.

  5. Living in Dunnville, just 100Km south of you across Lake Ontario, I am envious. When I seen this I went into my garden to look for mine and not a single one yet, :(. Soon enough though I will get to enjoy my late bloomers !!!!!
    This is a beautiful picture

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