Review: My Bogs Boots are Friggin’ Fantastic!

I’ve always hated winter. Why? Because I hate, hate, hate being cold. I was the kid with the 17 comforters on my bed: I relished the weighty coziness of it.

Living in Canada, I’m way out of my comfort zone: born in England, I came (was dragged) here as a fairly wee tot, and never quite adjusted to the crazy cold. Yes, I’ve lived through (barely endured, whined about) many, many, many Canadian winters. As the first leaf turns red in the fall I’m already girding my loins for what the Canadian climate dishes up next. Couldn’t even enjoy fall because I was actively dreading what comes next.

Hearty outdoorsy Canadians are known to say things like: “It’s not the bad weather it’s the bad clothes”.  Hm, don’t think I have that saying right [Ed. from hearty outdoor sister: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.], but the idea is that any temperature is bearable as long as you have the right type of clothing covering the right areas–the outerwear version of the 17 comforters.

Review by Izi the Dog: Whoa! Bogs!

This fall I got a tip from a guy at the dog park, when I spied his intriguingly practical-looking rubber boots. He said, “They’re Bogs. They’re warm, they’re super comfortable and they’re waterproof. Get them at Lee Valley Tools.” I made a mental note and this Christmas put Bogs boots on my list.

Izi says: Pretty cool, boss!

Hurray! What did I find under the tree this year? Not only a pair of Bogs boots but a sleeker, taller, lady-style pair of Bogs boots, thanks to the sleuth-like shopping of my sister, I mean Santa. [Ed. from Santa: Lee Valley was sold out at the time.]

I took them out for a test drive on New Year’s Eve day. It was raining in Toronto, I had to take the puppy out for a run. The beach is where I head with the dog on a rainy day, wet sand being easier to cope with than the Woodstock reminiscent mud-bath of my usual dog park.

As it happened, it was just above freezing, and not only was the rain spitting down, but the waves of Lake Ontario were crashing in. I happen to love when we get waves at beach, so walked along the surf, yes, right in the surf along the water’s edge for about an hour. And I can report that although my pant legs were completely soaked, my feet were warm and dry.

Izi says: They look good at the dog park, too. We’re chillin’. (But our feet aren’t.)

Warm feet in the winter, whether walking through snow or slush. This is something to celebrate.

My appraisal of Bogs is this: they are a combination of a wet suit, comfortable slippers and a down sleeping bag. For your feet. Whether you’re walking your dog, or digging the garden in the spring and fall they are a must!

No, I have no relationship to Bogs, the company, except love!


  1. You're looking great in yer bogs ~ I'm wondering how well they'd do here in -30+c temps. My dog and I'd look styling if I got a pair of bogs too. Love the pics! have a good weekend.

  2. bogs boots are wonderful. I got a pair this winter. Kate I think they would be too warm at +30C they are a winter boot better to wear them in sub zero temps.

  3. So with you on Bogs – though when it's seriously below zero I different boots. I have the funny flowered ones. Love looking at my feet, though in Bogs they look oddly huge. Love the pics of you and your lovely pup.

  4. Everything we've gotten from Lee Valley we just love. I'm going to check these out — I'm so tired of cold feet in snow visits. I wonder if they'd stand up to a full day of sledding.

  5. I love mine, too and I live in US hardiness zone 7! They are perfect in the late winter when I start gardening again. Love the photo with you and your pup! gail

  6. I am in the 10th year of my Mucksters (same basic thing but come in Green.) I am finally noticing a crack that isn't leaking yet and I wear them everyday (even in heat) to tend the goats and chickens. The technology of the definitely inorganic material they are made of also stays cool in summer. If you want something comparable and even cheaper check you local feed store. The farmers are way ahead of us gardeners on cool footwear these days. I may look a little funny wearing them with shorts in summer, but they are the best gardening shoes I have ever owned as well sledding boots.

  7. But what about the dog? Aren't his toes cold, too? He doesn't look like he's got mountains of fur to keep him warm. Does he like the cold, or maybe they should make doggie bogs?

  8. Ah the delights of lined wellies.
    Warm dry feet in cold weather make everything better. Just think how much further the Romans would have got if they had had Bogs rather than inadequate sandals and short skirts.
    Toronto would probably have a Coliseum and Anchorage a fine amphitheatre.

  9. The BOGS get a good review. How about your down-filled coat? Who makes it? I like to keep everything warm at the same time! AJ and MS Molly

  10. Mary, The Bogs official website links to a Canadian retail finder here:
    As noted above, we've seen them at Lee Valley Tools, and at various outdoor footwear retailers in Toronto. I think Sarah ended up finding hers at Get Outside on Queen St. West. Good luck with your hunt.

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