Orange you gonna say Happy New Year?!

Here’s a cute idea to toast with your wassail cup. These orange slice curtains were tucked into a little corner of one of the Allan Gardens Conservatory greenhouses, and might be easy to miss flanking a doorway on the north side of one of the tropical houses.

The late sun doesn’t show these off to best advantage, but what a way to add a little golden sunshine to a wintery window!

Even better, as I wondered via Google how you’d dry the oranges for this project, I discovered this little how-to on the blog F.I.M.B.Y. (Fun In My Back Yard), a good read full of inspiration. A fresh find is a great way to begin a new year and a new decade.

Wishing you all health, happiness and great gardening in the year ahead.


  1. I made dried orange slices for the first time this year. I put them on top of the woodstove (not directly on the hot surface, but on a cooling rack above a cooling rack). I kept an eye on them, turning occasionally. When they looked fairly dry I left them on a sunny window sill for a couple of days. This method has the advantage of not using any additional energy. But does depend on having a woodstove handy…

    Happy New Year!

  2. Pretty!

    But now that the holidays are finally winding down, even the amount of work required to dry and hang oranges feels like more than I can manage.

    Course, there's always next year!

  3. Dried orange slices, enough to make a little curtain is one of those things that make us so happy to see, but not to do. I'm glad I got to see these.

  4. A lovely idea… I wonder if my blue birds would come to something like this hanging outside? They love oranges. I love anything that brings golden light into our winter days and nights. Happy New Year! Best Wishes for 2010! Carol

  5. Lovely and lively ! Orange is such a wonderful color. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you both ! I enjoy TG very much. Your posts are always delightful. Keep up the good work !

  6. Hi, everyone. Thanks for the comments and new year's wishes. Holidays then back to work makes for an extra-busy season, so I hope you'll accept my short-cut reply. Have a zesty 2010!

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