Lack-of-Blooms Day: January 2010 in Toronto

My rosemary is leggy. And this is the reason why. Something furry has usurped my only rosemary spot, a small south-facing window in the cool front hall. That magic combo of light and coolth is what rosemary needs to get through a Canadian winter.

Poor Rosemary and her pal Sage are reaching out desperately for sunlight in the weak north light of a warm living room. They are not happy.

On the other hand, our friend Finley, who joined us last April through Toronto Cat Rescue, happily soaks up the sun. He does not make flowers or fruit. He cannot be used to perfume sweet potato fries. He does, however, produce a prodigious amount of fur. And besides his fur and the sunshine, he has our love to keep him warm.

Happy people. Happy cat. Not so happy herbs. We can fix that by eating the herbs to make the people happier. Happy folks pat cats. More happiness. It’s a love-in! That’s not too shabby for a Lack-of-Blooms Day in mid-January.

Many bloggers in the world actually have flowers to show off this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Why not leave here in a huff and check out the whole bouquet at May Dreams Gardens, when on the 15th of every month Carol invites all garden bloggers to strut their flowery (and sometimes furry) stuff.


  1. I love your post and your handsome kitty is just as fine to look at as blooms! I'll leave here with a smile, not in a huff! Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day to you!

  2. Happy people make many other people smile deeply! Thanks for the chuckle Helen! I love rosemary with potatoes too! Yummy. I will just purr away now. ;>) Carol

  3. Hi Helen and a Happy New Year to you! What a fun avatar picture of you. That kitty is too cute too! He just wants some sun:)

  4. Thanks for the smile, Helen:) I took our cat Toby's usual roosting place for my amaryllis and tulip bulbs. He's not too happy with me right now, but he still has his favorite–on top of the living room sofa where he can see bird "TV":)

  5. aloha, well i enjoyed your post and your kitty photo ops…what a photo ham….i know i would be too.

    hope the herbs pull through 🙂

  6. So thoughtful of you to hand over your prime winter growing space to Finley. I almost wonder if cats have chlorophyll–The way they gravitate towards sun and warmth on a cool day you'd think that they do! Hopefully your rosemary makes it through the winter and rewards you with little blue bloom day flowers soon.

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