GGW Picture This: Melt your cold, cold heart

The days are lengthening. Round about this time, our dad would say, “Now we’ve broken winter’s back.” Experience tells me it hasn’t happened quite yet, despite this January thaw, but we are headed in that direction.

In fact, winter hasn’t yet made a creditable appearance, up here in Toronto. So to find some of Winter’s Beauty, this month’s theme in Gardening Gone Wild’s Picture This photo contest, I had to search my archives.

To me, this little fragment of melting ice looked like a heart on a fragile stem, almost flowerlike. A few minutes more in the sun, and it would cease to be. That evanescence seems to be at the very heart of winter’s beauty. It’s a reminder to open our eyes, minds and hearts to those fleeting moments of joy or beauty at all times of year.

Melt your cold, cold heart is what I call it – which will have me humming Hank Williams for the rest of the day. Although there’s nothing botanical about the picture, it was taken in my garden. Might that count as a water feature?

(Unaccustomed as I am to sizing photographs, I’m hoping the image meets the technical requirements. Let’s just say, it was 480×640 when it left my laptop. Fingers crossed!)


  1. That's really beautiful. Speaking of non-credible winter, I have some very incredible crocuses popping up. Have they lost their, uh, minds? Did I plant them too shallowly? What the heck?!


  2. That is gorgeous. And I love how you have managed to seize on winter's evanescent quality, see the Beauty therein, and find the joy. I have trouble appreciating this season as I should sometimes (especially now, when the skies are so grey and dreary).

  3. Helen, Very nice. Our winters are rainy wet! Not much to photograph unless you're into raindrops! The best of luck in the contest. gail

  4. Beautiful photo! And you know, on bright sunny days, I believe I DO see a difference in the time darkness falls. At least we're on the downhill swing. 🙂

  5. Interesting photo although when I first saw it I thought it was some kind of alien being. Maybe that's because I just saw Avatar, lol! We've had above zero temperatures for 2 weeks now. I want winter back. It's hard to ski when there isn't any snow.

  6. Oh this is a winner for sure, Helen. You may have done it again! As for the sizing, they are waiving that rule for this month since they did not put it up at the beginning and some of us already had our entries in. Good luck with it. 🙂

  7. Hey Helen girl ! Good luck with that picture it looks perfect as a poster kid to our unrelenting winter with those periodic teases of warmer times ? another reason cabin fever hits home with a bang ? LOL

  8. Your melting heart of ice also looks a bit like a small creature rising up out of the ice to take a look at winter. Thank you for your positive comments on my blog. I love the helpful garden planning tips on your blog. I will be reading it often!

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