Blooms Day: Mid-December in Toronto

Okay. It isn’t a bloom. In fact, my Hoya has never bloomed. I inherited it from my mother more than 20 years ago (and I don’t think it ever bloomed for her, either). Considering my notorious neglect of houseplants, the fact that it still lives is an accomplishment.

Yet, if you’ve read our blog you might know that back in June I also did this (cringe!) to my mother’s hoya. I’m not proud of it. Nevertheless, I do feel pretty proud that it has almost recovered from the carnage. That’s my story.

Others, I’m positive, have better things to crow about this December. To drool over them, wander over to visit Carol of May Dreams Gardens, gracious hostess of Garden Bloggers Blooms Day every 15th of every month. Even this one.


  1. Belinda's Dream, there really is a Rose by that name. It really is a dream. It's one of the Earthkind roses they promote in Texas. Mine was a gift from our friend Janie.

    My sister used to grow lovely Hoyas. I think it's a special gardening talent.

  2. Here is what I know about hoyas – they like lots of humidity and bright light all year, with some direct sun in summer. Don't overwater – let the soil become somewhat dry before watering, especially in winter. I have also heard that some hoyas take years to bloom, so you may not be doing anything wrong. Anyhow, your hoya seems to be well loved, as it has recovered nicely from being barbequed!

  3. Helen, I don't know much about flowering houseplants~I bring them home in bloom and the next year~~no rebloom! Now, I stick with a few foliage tropicals that were gifts a dozen years ago. gail

  4. Helen, its rich green color speaks healthy to me. The only other things I can think of are light (does it get enough) and might it need a fertilizer higher in phosphorus?

    By the way Congratulations! on your gardening award! Beautiful and well deserved. Diana

  5. I think you deserve an award for being to able to keep this Hoya alive for so many years! I gave up on houseplants quite a few years ago, or rather they gave up on me:) Yours looks quite healthy and none the worse for its barbeque experience:)

  6. Hoyas are worth the wait when they do get around to flowering, though. I have several with variegated leaves, tinted pink around the edges, and they keep me entranced even with the plants are coy about bloooming.

  7. Congratulations! The only plants I've managed to keep alive more than a couple of years are Cacti. Can anyone explain to me why a college team would choose a houseplant as a mascot? Is it a tough plant? I've never grown one.

  8. I have a hoya that I got a cutting from a friend. It blooms every year Unfortunately my husband is quick to snap of the flowers since he swears he is allergic to them .

  9. Hiya Helen,
    Almost said 'Hoya' 🙂

    I always thought neglect was good for houseplants. Better than overwatering any day.
    Besides, who cares? We all know you can grow golden hosta leaves!
    BTW, Your Christmas Card is HERE

  10. I know that Hoya's are quite difficult to get into flower and that once they have set bud – don't move them to another location as they will protest and drop their flower buds.

    I'm new to blooms day but wanted to say that anything evergreen is such an asset in these dark cold months.

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