Leaves: A few that got away

Gingko biloba in its lovely clear yellow autumn foliage, crystalled with raindrops. The leaves of this tree have been found fossilized in stone. It was once thought to have been extinct. Yet, here it is in the front yard of a city street in Toronto. I wonder what colour the dinosaurs really were…


  1. I have always thought these leaves (and trees) so beautiful. I have just come across your blog and think it's great which is why I have extended an award for you on my latest post "Heavenly But Not Blue." Please don't feel obligated if it's not your sort of thing, just know I like your blog!

  2. Helen, there's something extra special about gingkos, and the colour is just the icing on the cake. (Don't plant a female, though, unless you know what to expect from the fruit. The smell of the fallen fruit is an acquired taste, that most people don't acquire!)

    Diana, Yes, I'm really counting the days till the end of November. Writing a post a day sometimes happens, but the sheer obligation of doing is intensifies the chore. You can bet that one post in my future will be about this experience.

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