Awards: Double-edged petals

I was thrilled on waking this morning to learn that my hosta photo had won Gold, amid stiff competition, in the Gardening Gone Wild Picture This photo contest for November 2009!

This, on top of Best Blog awards last week, conferred by Deborah of Kilbourne Grove/Green Theatre and The Violet Fern, for which we are grateful.

Awards seem to have become the Stella d’Oro of the garden blogging world lately; a little overplanted. So much so that Charlotte of the wonderful Galloping Gardener – coincidentally, the blogger who tagged us for our very first meme award – has declared an R.I.P.

We want to honour the kind intention of those who have recognized us, without burdening anyone else with an obligation.

Therefore, we simply want to suggest this. Read our post on Toronto Garden Bloggers from earlier this month. Or expand our blog roll and have a look. Or follow the links back from a tweet that you like. Check back often for additions.

Do the same when you visit other blogs. You’re bound to stumble upon someone new you aren’t following… yet. Chances are, if they’re on the blog roll (think of it as an honour roll) of a blog you admire, they belong on yours, too. We all win by sharing that way.

It has been fun learning 10 honest things or 7 things we didn’t know about our fellow bloggers. Perhaps we can find a way to hybridize this way of cultivating knowledge about our blogging community. I hope so.


  1. Helen . . . Your photograph is not only a winner but it is profound! Poetic and universal. Congratulations! Life in all its soft, loving, joyous verdant ways with its pricks and dangers every day. The contrast juxtaposed that way is stunning. I thank you for this post too… and concur… such a lovely thought . . . to honor … Best … but then all the rest. I agreed with both of the other posts you mentioned and believe your offerings of how we might share as bloggers perfect. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment too! Carol

  2. I know what you mean! And look at your comments. You got more awards! It could be never ending. I have seen it turn into a tsunami in the garden blogging community. Good intentions gone awry!

    Congrats for winning the gold!
    You deserved it!

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