2009 Blotanicals: Fourth place rules!

The 2009 Blotanical Awards were announced yesterday. Toronto Gardens was one of the five finalists in the Best Canadian Blog category – something we were absolutely thrilled with. In fact, we were number five in the first round. After the final voting, we moved from fifth place to fourth place. I can’t tell you what an extra thrill that is.

They say the happiest Olympic medallists on the podium are gold and bronze. The bronze is just happy to be up there – as we are.

And when you consider how many well written, beautifully illustrated, informative, inspirational blogs we share a fourth-place ranking with in various categories (though not nearly in their league), it just blows my mind.

To illustrate: some of the fourth-placers whose blogs we follow include GardeningGoneWild in the Best Blog Writing category (winner for Best Landscaping Blog); Cooking In Someone Else’s Kitchen in the Best Vegetable Gardening Blog category; Veg Plotting in the Best UK Blog and Best Eclectic Garden Blog categories; Mumbai’s The Urban Gardener in the Best Urban Blog category; My Secret Garden in the Best US Blog category (winner for both Best Newcomer and Best Washington Blog).

In individual U.S. state categories, there were some amazing fourth-placers, including Tulips in the Woods in California; Seasonal Wisdom in Idaho; Miss Rumphius’ Rules in New Jersey; Gardening While Intoxicated for New York; Chiot’s Run for Ohio; The Home Garden for Tennessee; and A Photographer’s Garden Blog for Washington. Many states ran a very tight race.

Amongst the Major Garden Blog Awards, fourth-placers included Daffodil Planter for Garden Blog of the Year; Teza’s Garden for Newcomer of the Year (winner for Best Rare Plants Blog); and Bay Area Tendrils for the Blog You’d Most Like an Invite From to Guest Post (winner for Best California Blog).

There is some exceptional garden writing out there in the blogosphere. Any of the links above will give you clear illustrations of that. Congratulations to all the winners… and all the finalists.


  1. Whoa, go fourth-placers! Seriously, thanks for the shout-out and congratulations on your honor. You have exactly the right attitude. And I always find something interesting to read on your blog too. You go, girls. Teresa 😉

  2. Fourth place certainly does rule!

    What a delightful way of celebrating, not only your recognition, but lots of other super blogs too 🙂

    Thanks for the link love and have a great weekend 😀

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