Word Verification words that could be real

Many bloggers protect themselves from spam with some kind of Word Verification gate. With Blogger, the letters come up randomly, requiring a “real person” to key them in, thereby deterring attack by automated spam bots.

Yet sometimes the scrambled letters look like they might actually be a word. We thought we’d share some of the ones we’ve been collecting, along with possible definitions:

Paing…. The feeling in your heart when you see the old flame you never got over.
Stuntleg…. A “trick leg,” but with a stand-in.
Minaless…. Totally devoid of talking birds.
Readio…. A book that reads itself aloud.
Shnuzzle…. To canoodle, with a big nose.
Gesad…. Being unhappy in Germany.
Phess…. A highfalutin way to admit the truth.
Uperbe…. Just a tad shy of superbe.
Bactolla…. Dirty money.
Manicon…. Someone who fools you into thinking he’s a dummy.

So how about you – verified any good words lately?


  1. I'm so glad Carol at May Dreams Gardens sent me over. What a great blog you have. I am really enjoying it and will return. I'll have to start watching more closely for verifiable words.

  2. Commonweeder, I can totally see Pensig as pensée (French for "thought")! Because of that, in fact, whenever I see the truck from a company (a moving company?) named Penski — I always think it sounds like it might be the Polish word for "thinking."

  3. My best one so far? ifuckdt – blogger's assessment on the standard of my blogging 😉

    I do enjoy the WV 'pseudowords' – it's a great game isn't it?

  4. I don't remember particulars, but there have been some fun word verification words. I'll have to watch more closely now to see if I get any to add to your list!

  5. Rosey: Mainure — very funny.

    VP: ifuckdt — too, too hysterical.

    Jim — phunny you should say so.

    Carol — if you find some good ones, drop on by.

    Gail — a poem. What a great idea!

    Linda — I find them annoying and time-consuming, too. However, as we've recently been getting pornspam from Asia on one of our posts, I can sympathize with the rationale.

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