Red Admiral Butterfly

I’ve been suffering a major case of butterfly envy. My neighbour M. has been luring the Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) over to his mature purple butterfly bush (Buddleia) for some time. This year, they seem more plentiful than ever. Hooray! But they’ve been giving my new Buddleias a wide berth.

Then came this plucky little Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) who seems to like my side. Hooray again! Maybe now we can get a party going on.


  1. We've seen a terrific butterfly population this year, though I can't identify one breed from another. Of course, there have been three cabbage butterflies for every one of the other types out here. Amazingly, there were almost no worms on my broccoli!

    I'm glad you're getting at least a share of the population. It's always entertaining to watch them flutter randomly with such purpose.

  2. Lately the monarchs have been sailing around my yard. They don't seem to even have to put forth any effort to move on the breeze. I am just amazed by them. They love my zinnias. I also have many many cabbage butterflies, but I like the way they talk to each other and chase each other in the yard. Glad you are getting some!

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