Happy birthday (of your orchid), Z.

ZsBudsSarah lives on one side, I live on the other. And, in the middle, are our neighbours Z. and K.

Last month, Z. came to see me, all excited.

You should see my orchid! It has buds!

What did you do to it?


Sure enough, there were the orchid buds. Z. looked very proud of herself. As she should.

Now, just in time for her birthday (and Canada Day), the flowers appeared: Two lovely white Orchid phalaenopsis flowers, almost thriving on neglect.

(Did you know that the biggest threat to most houseplants is over-watering? Here’s proof positive that benign neglect may be more helpful than over-watchful care.)

Congratulations, Z. Happy Birthday, and many happy returns of the flower.


  1. Hi Helen, a lovely birthday gift to your friend. The best part is having done nothing to it. May there be a steady stream of many more!

  2. Thank you Helen, for acknowledging my proud accomplishment. Although my beautiful Orchid thrived on my neglect of it, I somehow still feel like I worked hard at making it bloom (even though, we all know I didn't) And I too hope that there will be a steady stream. Thanks for the bday wishes and the tasty twiglets!!

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