Fauxpiary and other holiday snaps

Holiday garden sightings from the sublime to le ridicule. Seen on the road on the way to Ottawa, at a rest stop somewhere in the Haliburton Highlands, Ontario.

Seen on the road on the way to Quebec City, at a McDonald’s somewhere near Berthierville, Qu├ębec. Monsieur Ronald and chums in a fauxpiary tableau. Crazy, but as it made me stop and whip out the camera, perhaps it just might work.


  1. Helen girl ! There are so many gorgeous spots to stop along the way to Quebec from Ontario .. mainly we stay in Ontario ? LOL
    I loved that marsh scene .. those scenarios around Kingston are precious pictures in Autumn .. I'm already geered up to take loads of them come Fall : )
    Love the fauxpiary !!

  2. Helen, what's the fauxpiary built of really? Just wondering if there's some color with the blue and the orange why no yellow or red on Ronald. Yes, I realize I am taking this much too literally … but really wondering.

  3. The green people are hilarious! And the first shot is very peaceful and lovely.
    RE your siberian iris question on my blog – fuller flowers are one of the objectives of breeders, so the newer forms often have them. Yes, check out JPW's site – you'll be amazed at the gorgeous and varied choices!

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