City mice visit Country Gardener

YvonneCunningtonOn Wednesday, Sarah and I were thrilled to enjoy a Tweetup in the Ancaster garden of Country Gardener blogger and garden author Yvonne Cunnington, joined by Hamilton Tweeter Tricia of @ycswid.

It was just a few days after Yvonne hosted a garden tour, so every inch was pristine. However, my sense is that “pristine” is just your usual state of affairs for this very talented gardener.

We spent a lot of time lusting after plants, ornaments and yardage. Coming back to the city, our east-end gardens looked particularly minuscule. But then, it really left us no excuse for our slatternly gardening ways. Must dust off the edger!

For now, here’s a slideshow of Yvonne’s creation in July. Keep your eyes open for Blooms Day in August, when her meadow will be an explosion of bloom.

And enjoy these sculptures by Yvonne’s husband John. Very impressive.


  1. What an amazing afternoon we had. Stunning pictures too!! FYI the plant in the container water garden was a Water Hyacinth.

  2. That's Country Gardener's garden?!?!? It looks huge and beautiful. Looks like a botanic garden to me, I mean that as a compliment, and and awesome place to visit.

    Nice photos, too.

  3. I am a long time blogger friend of Yvonne and this was just a thrill to see her gardens through a different photographer's eye. The photos are stunning, and I even got to see a glimps of Toby!! Can you come to Alabama and photograph my gardens???!!! I just know this was fun for Yvonne too!

  4. What lovely comments! I was thrilled by this post and Helen's wonderful pictures. I love seeing how a different photographer "sees" my garden. You've given me some fresh vantage points to shoot from, Helen. For those of you green with envy, be careful what you wish for: I rarely have time to sit in those garden chairs and benches. Think of the weeding and mowing! November comes as a relief, and winter is a wonderful break.

    Thanks so much everyone, especially Helen and Sarah. Cheers/Yvonne

  5. Wow, Yvonne, what an enjoyable trip through your beautiful garden via this wonderful slideshow. I enjoyed every area of your garden, but especially the meadow of wildflowers. How enjoyable it must be to walk through it everyday and see the changes in what's blooming. I particularly enjoyed the ecchynacea (sp??) with the smaller pink flowers in the background. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Love the agapanthus shots. I'm fascinated with that flower. Hopefully the hardy, deciduous versions I planted this year will suvive and I'll fill my yard with them . . . or at least fill a bed or two with them.

  7. Holy Cow – what a garden. Truly spectacular! I love the formal garden's 'informality' – my favorite combination! Such talent, such beautiful photographs, such inspiration – thank you!

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