No Better Time to Buy A Worm Composter

With the garbage strike on, and no system in place to get rid of your green waste, unless you have a backyard composter, it’s a great time to worm your way back… to vermicomposting.

I experimented with this in the early 90s, but the standard bin left too much room for escaping worms. I gave up on the process.

A year ago last March, we posted about the new design of this great worm composter from All Things Organic. Order from them today (June 30th), and you get a free accessories kit: a thermometer, a hand rake and a scraper to clean compost out of your bin. I’ll be ordering mine. (I’m not affiliated with the company at all, by the way.)
Worms and worm compost good. Stinky garbage bad.


  1. I love this idea, but I am leery about composting my garbage because I don't want to attract creatures (like raccoons) to the yard that might harm my geese! My version: when I change the goose pool water, I snag any worms I can before the girls eat them and throw (well, I don't really throw them) in the garden!

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