Beauty Bush: It’s called that for a reason

A tale of two beauty bushes (Kolkwitzia amabilis). This one is growing in full sun, spilling over the top of a fence along Broadway Avenue in Leaside. The other one was too pathetic, ungainly and flowerless to photograph, growing in shade in my neighbourhood today.

Sunshine is the secret to such a splendiferous display of beauty-bushiness. Tree guru Michael Dirr isn’t fond of this shrub for its lacklustre performance in other seasons. But, I gotta tell ya. When grown well, it’s enough to make you pull over the car on a busy street and take a picture.

Incidentally, the name: Its genus Kolkwitzia is named for Mr. Kolkwitz, a botanist. Its specific epithet amabilis, appropriately, means lovely.


  1. Hey there! I was Google Image searching Kolkwitzia, ran across this post from your blog and couldn't resist leaving a comment for a Twitter pal, even on an old post.

    I LOVE my Kolkwitzias — have an old one that came with the house, and yes, it is pull over-worthy, and a new 'Dream Catcher' I got from Michelle at FG. Those contrarians are happier and keep better color in part sun.

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