Do squirrels possess superpowers?

Well, let’s look at the criteria – or, shall we say, critter-ia? – for superpowerfulosity in squirrels.

It certainly appears they can fly. Just try to place a birdfeeder somewhere they can’t reach. In a single bound.

They have a secret identity. Sure, they look cute and fluffy, hopping along the fence like Pepé LePew. Ha! Simply a cunning disguise for their supervillainous nature. Look at the tail in this picture. Look thin and ratty to you? Hmmm? I’m just saying.

They obviously have super hearing. The mere sound of sunflower seeds gently bumping together brings them in a flash. In fact, they can hear you even thinking about filling the bird feeder. But only when it’s with the good stuff. That’s also when they exhibit their super speed.

Let’s not even mention super vision. You know they have it. Their piercing rays can penetrate right through the soil, finding exactly where you spent all that time planting the tulips; especially the expensive ones.

That’s just a start.

So, do we have any hope? Maybe. If we can develop superpowers of our own.

Look, down on the ground! It’s grim! It’s determined! It’s SuperGardener!

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