Barefoot in Clover – Seedling progress

Note: The big clover leaves are from seed sown last year.

It’s been 3 weeks since I sowed my white clover seed on the (many) bare patches on my lawn, and it’s coming up like crazy.

Clover seed is so tiny, and I sowed very thickly. At the moment what I can compare it to is the look of green algae on a pond surface — a thick ripply coating of green where once was bare earth. The leaves are starting to differentiate a bit and you can see in places that it is actually clover, close up. But from a distance, it simply looks thick, green, and a bit carpety: like something that you might want to walk barefoot on.

I think in future I will get some sand and mix the clover seed half and half to thin it out, because there’s no need really to plant it this thickly. Looks pretty fantastic though.

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