Rosedale Valley Road’s bluebell glade

Seen on the road today: the field of bluebells, Siberian squills or Scilla siberica that blankets the corner of Rosedale Valley Road and Park Road every spring. Did someone plant them here? Or, more likely, did they tumble down the slope from the houses above, wantonly self-seeding into this amazing early spring display. (Always carry the camera!)

I don’t know. Sometimes invasive can seem like a good thing. Imagine strolling home along this path. Never noticed the scillas’ scent before, but in a mass like this it’s very pleasant.

Apparently, the federal government has a poison alert for these little fellas, too. So, use with caution if you have pets or small children prone to chewing leaves.

Or simply drive by on your way home and admire them from afar.

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