HGTV’s Dirty Business – Behind the glamour

After writing a post about the mind-bogglingly expensive projects featured on Dirty Business, the landscaping show which follows the designers around as they whip up tired gardens, I watched an episode that peeled back the curtain a little bit. I guess it falls into the category of: shoemaker’s children syndrome.*

One highlight of Dirty Business are the funny little codas they throw in at the end: one episode had a couple of raccoons conversing while they clambered over a rain gutter. This episode showed James Dale walking through his own home garden, ruefully pointing out the ancient picnic table, and the large shrub at the end that regularly skewered his children. Made me laugh. Funny man, that James. Real gardens for real people, all right!

*Shoemakers are so busy making shoes for everyone that they don’t have time to make shoes for themselves, or their children.

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