Earth Day: Some things on my garden wish list

In no particular order, here are a few of my wisherful things:

• A grey-water recycling system to turn water from showers or dishwashing into garden irrigation – like the one used by the Toronto Healthy House in Riverdale. (But it’s likely I’ll have to satisfy myself with our grandmother’s method. She used a basin for handwashing dishes, and she tossed the sudsy water onto her prize-winning garden.)

• A rainbarrel that doesn’t look like a prosthetic device. Like this Rain Catcher Urn from Garden Supermart.

[I should add that I have nothing against prosthetic devices; I wear two of them behind my ears. However, I welcome the day when industrial design focuses on making utilitarian things both highly functional and a treat to look at.]

• A green roof – make it a tapestry of alpine perennials. I’ve wanted a roof garden for the back of our house ever since I learned such things were possible. A couple of years ago, garden designers at Canada Blooms were all over roof gardens. But at the time $50 per square foot put it out of my price bracket – if I could have found a contractor to make one for me. The city has a green roof program for commercial and public buildings, but not too much seems to be happening on a residential front. It’s possible the new reno tax credits might help for some. We’ll see.

• A leaf shredder to quickly turn my maple leaves into organic mulch. Uncomposted organic matter does consume more nitrogen, so I’d have to compensate by adding a high-nitrogen amendment such as blood meal (or perhaps soybean meal for a vegan solution) to my composting mulch.

• A worm composting condo like the one I wrote about here just last spring. My intentions were good, but there always seem to be other pressing demands on the pocketbook.

I could go on and on, but work beckons. So I put it to you: What would you put on your garden’s wish list for Earth Day?


  1. Agreed, the large Algreen barrel is not my preferred shape. But I have to admit that the one that was on display at the OHA booth at Canada Blooms this year was met with almost universal approval. Have you looked at the smaller version? Of course, it doesn’t hold as much (50 gallons vs 65), but it fits in quite well in most gardens (especially with flowers in bloom in the planter):

    We bought one last year, to replace one of the black barrels that we had bought from the City. It ended up as one of the favourite topics of conversation when we had a garden tour in September.

  2. Thanks, Malcolm — I see great garden minds think alike. This is exactly the barrel I was wishing for. Now, can you also make it arrive in my garden? That would be great, thanks. ;).

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