A Shot of Colour: A Single Geranium on a Windowsill

A geranium in a 4 inch pot has popped out one bloom in these lengthening days in late February. I love the way overwintering geraniums come back to life around this time of year, usually with a sudden single bloom bursting forth. This one is particularly nice in a lime green pot – one I picked up at Loblaws a couple of weeks ago with a hyacinth bulb in it. The hyacinth has bloomed itself out, and now the lime green is a great foil for the scarlet blast of this geranium.

By the way, a note on terminology. I’m using the common name “geranium” for this pot plant. What we usually term geraniums are technically “Pelargoniums”, and true geraniums are really the ground cover-like perennials of the permanent garden. Purists may raise eyebrows, but I’ve never gotten used to calling my geraniums “pelargoniums”. Geranium in a pot it is, and it’s a a simple delight for me this time of year.

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