Toronto and Region Conservation Website

The wintertime is all about dreaming and planning, and a good deal of this is done on the web, since we can’t get to our gardens under all that snow. Tons of snow!! Sections of my neighborhhood look faintly ridiculous at the moment, with trees looking like lollipops stuck into pointy piles of mashed potatoes. The street next to mine has postage stamp areas to pile their shovelled snow, so the piles keep creeping further and further up the tree trunks. I keep meaning to get a picture.

But snow aside, while cozily indoors, I’ve just discovered another website, TRCA, or Toronto and Region Conservation. Not sure what the “A” stands for. It looks chock full of information: the Don River, air quality, tree planting, green spaces and opportunities for getting involved.

Their slogan is “For the Living City”, which definitely appeals to me, especially now, in the winter, when so much of the green and living city is hibernating.

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